In this era, we all are dealing with two big names i.e. and choosing best platform i.e. WIX or WORDPRESS. It is merely not possible to decide between WIX and WORDPRESS for building a website, as both have different pros and cons from their point of view. While we say about WIX, we can also consider WORDPRESS as another option. For better understanding, we have put together this handy article.

    • Wix
    • WordPress
    • Ease of use
    • Cost/Pricing
    • Data Portability
    • Design and Customization
    • Help and Support
    • Blogging
    • Alternative
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Wix is a platform for uniquely developing websites with the help of different tools. In today’s date, WIX hosts 160 million websites.


  • Load time is rapid
  • Hosting is fully secured
  • Mobile optimization
  • Structured data
  • Google indexing is instant
  • Default meta tags


WordPress is a self-hosted content management system licensed under GPLv2, that signifies that anyone can modify the software of WordPress for their use and It completely free to use. It is more powerful then Wix but required mote technical knowledge to use it.


  • Easy enhancement and installation
  • Simple theme system
  • Flexibility
  • Select, add, move dashboard widgets
  • Accessibility mode
  • Preview themes without activating




  • Wix offers powerful and easy tools for developing the website
  • It comes with Mobile friendly website design
  • The drag and drop interface is very handy and easy to use
  • Users at a beginning level would take it as a blessing
  • Marketing professional tools are also there


  • Comes with a theme customizer to edit the themes
  • As WordPress is SEO friendly, it tends to rank higher in search engines
  • It can also handle different media types
  • WordPress is very simple to set up
  • “Animo“, the latest innovative theme is accessible on WordPress.



  • FREE ($0) — Website can be created for free with Wix ads.
  • CONNECT DOMAIN ($5) — Own domain can be connected with the website.
  • COMBO ($13) — This is ad-free pricing, with plenty of storage.
  • UNLIMITED ($17) — If you need plenty of space, this one is accurate.
wix vs wordpress price table


  • DOMAIN NAME — In case of only the domain name it is $12/year
  • HOSTING — It starts from $3.95/month
  • PLUGINS — $0 – $1,000
  • SECURITY PURPOSE — Starts from $50/year
  • DEVELOPER FEES — $0 – $1,000, one-off the cost



  • Very restricted options to move your content to a different platform.
  • Only the blog posts can be exported in XML format.
  • All the information are been hosted only on WIX’s server and not on any other.
  • All the images, videos, and other media are needed to be downloaded manually and not automatically.


  • The concept of content export is very easy.
  • It offers a one-click exporter that makes you download your content in XML format.
  • In WordPress, the website data moves 100% with the users.
  • WordPress is ranked as 10/10 in case data portability.
  • WordPress follows “my data, my rules” concept.


Website design and layout planning play a very crucial role to achieve success. Every user must customize and design a web page that is not only good-looking but also user-friendly and makes the brand a success.


  • There are more than 500 pre-made templates from where we can choose.
  • The designs are written in HTML5.
  • There are many built-in tools, from where a user can choose the layout.
  • The items can also be rearranged as you see fit. These designs are available for every kind of website.
  • There are many templates and are further being classified into –
    • Business
    • E-Commerce
    • Hobbies
    • Arts and crafts
  • The only disadvantage is that a user cannot change the template once selected.
  • The template can be modified and customize as much as the user wants with the help of built-in tools.


  • There are 1000+ free and paid themes available on WordPress, whereas these themes come with limited support and a strict review process.
  • The themes that are paid comes with a variety of options and premium support features.
  • The themes offer built-in design and customization options from their own.
  • Every user can download the free themes from the directory.
  • There are many shops where users can buy themes. They are Themify, CSSIgniter, StudioPress, and more.
  • Thus we can say, WordPress has a variety of themes collection compared to Wix. Also, the users of WordPress can easily switch and customize the themes as much as possible without any restrictions.



  • WIX offers phone support in English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian. For the English language, WIX offers 24/7 support. Charges may apply for phone support by the local phone provider.
  • Due to PCI Compliance, WIX cannot accept payment over the phone. All conversations are monitored and recorded.


  • For WordPress support, the user has to post the problems in the support forum or the IRC channel.
  • The WordPress support handbook contains various advice, tips, and tricks to make the support easily available.
  • Help Scout is the latest and top-ranked helpdesk for customer support for online businesses.



  • Blogs can be made easily and can be added to the website with the help of WIX. It has all the common features that are needed.
  • Wix uses the comment from Facebook and those are not portable.
  • There is a lagging feature in Wix such as backdating posts private posts and more.
  • Wix uses a simple and plain text editor which is restricted in terms of designing options.
  • Captivating photos for blogs are easily available at the Wix website.


  • WordPress powers nearly 35% of all websites; it has all the features of logging that a needed for a blog.
  • It provides modern designs with an awesome content presentation.
  • The menus can be navigated very easily with high website security.
  • It comes with reader-friendly typography.



  • Constant contact builder
  • Gator website builder
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Webnode
  • WebStarts


  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • SITE123
  • Strikingly
  • GoDaddy


wordpress and wix merits and demerits.


WordPress is considered as far superior to Wix for building up the Website platform. Wix comes with an easy to use platform and a very simple technique but a lot can be accomplished with the help of WordPress if we think of the long run. From this article, we are very clear that though Wix and WordPress look similar but are very different from each other. If you are using any one of the technology to develop a website and facing problem you can contact us our team will help you.

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Q. What are the templates in Wix and WordPress?

Ans. The Templates are divided into 18+ categories, they are – photography, food, landing pages, restaurants, e-commerce, business, etc.

Q. What are the customization options on WordPress?

Ans. Yes, there are many options for designing and layout planning, entirely depends on the theme you are using.

Q. Are Wix and WordPress the same?

Ans. Both Wix & WordPress seem to be similar but are actually different.

Q. What are some analytical tools used by Wix?

Ans.    Google Analytics
            Google Tag Manager
            Facebook Pixel
            Google AdWords
            Bing Webmaster

Q. Are there any payment gateways?

Ans. Both platforms currently support 15+ payment options. A few of them are – PayPal, Square, Stripe, Yandex, etc.

Q. Which is better for SEO?

Ans. In the case of SEO, Wix performs generally good, was as WordPress allows you to install an app which is one of the best tools available for SEO.

By: Tanushree Mukherjee