With new forms of unimaginably enlightened cyber offence, online safety and reliability became more decisive forever.

In the beginning, the protection of the data field was generated by Google. Google has placed itself at cyberspace which is obviously not that surprising, as the fact is known that being the most popular search engine it also holds, almost 75% of share in the market. In the era of SEO, any search engine comes in mind that is Google for sure.

What SSL exactly is?

SSL certificate is nothing but an encrypted medium between the server and the user. It encrypts a website page. It is a minimal data file that has been installed on a server. Basically an SSL certificate indicates a padlock type of icon and a URL that starts with https://.

Having an SSL certificate–

  • Delivers authentication.
  • Provides assurance.
  • Needed as PCI adherence.

How SSL works?

SSL goes into deep technical detail, to explain in simple words, it creates a public key and a private. The public key enables anyone to encrypt data that can only be decrypted by the server side that has the private key. i.e, data encrypted with private key makes sense only when it decrypted by the public key, thereby it confirms that the data has come from the genuine source.

  1. User accesses a https site.
  • Browser requests an SSL connection to the server.
  • The server answers with a trustworthy SSL certificate.
  • The secured connection is now done.
  • Input is encrypted and processed.

Benefits and Uses of SSL in website

With an SSL certificate, the information is encrypted before the transmission of same data via the internet. The important dates can only be decrypted by the server through which it is being sent.

  • Google announced on 06.08.2014, an SSL certificate also improves website ranting.

It shields the data such as–

  • Login testimonial
  • Restorative credentials
  • Bank details
  • Legal contract and documents
  • Restrictive sorts of data
  • Disadvantages of SSL

Types of SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities (CA). Here is the list of various validation levels and certificate types.

  1. Extended Validation

Extended Validation is the highest level of validation. The certificate authority only provides the EV certificate after a proper background check. This type of validation and widely used by large e-commerce websites and banks.

  1. Organization Validation

Organization Validation is the next 2nd highest level of validation. It is also awarded after the certificate authority and less expensive than an EV certificate.

  1. Domain Validation

used by small businesses and startups. While they provide the same levels of encryption as the other certificates, they are issued by an automated process. It is thus faster and cheaper than the other two.

Where to buy an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Locker Certificate must be issued from authorized trusted mastery companies such as Global Sign, GeoTrust, GoDaddy, or RapidSSL all are known for the best SSL Certificate providers. The Browser operating systems like Microsoft, Opera, Java, etc. believe that these providers are legal and authorized and can be trusted for issuing SSL certificates. you can also Contact us for SSL Certificate for your website.

Why an SSL Certificate is needed?

It shields all our delicate and paramount inputs like credit card details, passwords, user names etc.

It also,

  • Enables data security between servers
  • Expands Google categorizing and ranking
  • Intensify customers base
  • Improves altering outlay

For example

When we open a website that contains a form, after we are done with filling we click on submit. The information we just provided can be intercepted by a third party on a different and unsecured website.

But when we land a website that is secured with SSL, the browser itself connects with the webserver and then brings together the browser and server. This connection is so secured that no one else except you and the website you’re submitting the inputs can have access to it. It will be within you and the site.

How SSL affects SEO?

We should keep in mind that having an SSL certificate does not mean that it will suddenly boost our website at one shot. All other SEO factors should be kept into consideration too.

To make it more precise, let’s see what is Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate – It denotes a number of visitors (%) that opens the website and then leaves immediately.

So, what are the effects?

  • It impacts a site’s overall ranking. If the website is not safeguarded, the user will see a “not secure” flag at the very top of the screen, it is the cause that makes people to leave that page on spot, and as a result it impacts negatively on SEO.

On the other hand, a user is more like to stay on the page and continue browsing if he/she notices an “s” in https://. That means the website is secure.


Secure Sockets Layer certificates are crucial to any website.  Without checking the security one cannot leave himself/herself to be available for data breaches or different suspicious malpractices. The websites that are not encrypted falls as below rank levels in search Engines and are less likely to convert from user to customer.

As time passes, we hear of incidents like id theft, stealing of user names and passwords, account hacking and so on.

These all are saved with the help of SSL. Hence, an SSL Certificate for a website is much needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: Does authentication matter?
Answer: Authentication means a third party who is trustworthy has conformed after verifying the SSL certificate that “the site you own is actually your site.” An Authentication also comes with a trust mark on the SSL Certificate.
QuestionWhat is encryption?
Answer.  A process that put into code certain data or message in such a way that it can only be accessed by certain people.
QuestionIs SSL free?
Answer:  Though we can’t tell that all SSL Certificates are free, yet there are few providers from whom we can get SSL for free –
      1. Let’s encrypt
      2. Comodo
      3. Start Com
      4. Cloud Flare
      5. Wosign
Question: Do SSL have an expiration date?
Answer: Yes of course. Once the time period of an SSL Certificate is over, it expires. Usually, the validity of an SSL lasts from 1 to 2 years, it does not matter from where you purchase.
QuestionIs there any SSL types?
Answer:  Yes, there are three different types of SSL Certificates
By: Tanusree Mukherjee