in Today’s topic, we will see how Facebook marketing will help you increase your Business ROI 10X. Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, launched In Feb 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his college friends.

Few facts about Facebook that will amaze you.

  • There are 2.375 billion monthly active users.
  • 1 billion are mobile users only.
  • 1.49 billion daily active user base.
  • 500,000 new users join Facebook every day. i.e. 6 new profiles every second.

So it is a powerful marketing tool through which we can Increase our Business ROI 10X. Facebook marketing is generally creating and actively using a Facebook page to maintain contact with customers or attract them. Generally, any organization creates business pages or individual profiles to develop a customer circle for a product, service, or brand. Just not pages Facebook has different types of tools for promoting business.

How to create a business page?

Creating a Facebook page is not difficult. For creating any Facebook business page there are some simple steps that we need to follow. Before sign up for any new Facebook page, you need to log in to your account. If you have not any personal account you have to create that first then need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step1: at first select, the page type like business or brand or company then click the get started button. Then fill all the details about your business.

Step2: in that step, you need to post your profile and cover picture. In the time of selecting these two pictures, you need to keep in mind this picture should be related to your business like it can be the logo of your brand or business or the picture of the workplace, etc.

Step3: After that, you need to choose your user name for your page. It should be the official name of your business and it should be short and easy for search.

Step4: in that step, you need to fill about your company details like location, work hour, work categories, etc.

Step5: before inviting people you need to do your first post. It can be content about your business. 

Step6: it is the last step where you need to invite people to promote your new page.

Types of Facebook Post.

There are mainly six kinds of posts you can make for your Facebook page which helps to increase brand visibility and increasing ROI 10x.  

Video: videos are the most popular form of a Facebook post. Facebook videos can be used for new product promotion, branding, or create any awareness. Videos are the most popular form of attracting people. To attract people video should be short and full of new and innovative content.

Photo: a post which has photo attracts people’s eyes more than a normal post. So try to give relevant photos in every post. Giving photos in content makes a higher chance to get more views. But the photo should be relevant to the post and should be eye Catchy. 

Links: by giving official link you can drag your followers to your official website. Try to give helpful and relevant links in every post to drag more followers.

Questions: use questions to collect feedback and opinions from your customers. As questions that are related to your product. Keep questions short and allow the viewers to give an opinion and noted their feedback and try to work on the problems about which they have complained.

Events: you can update for your business-related events with date and full details about the event. It can attract your follower’s attention to your events. You can even post about your special promotion, webinars also.

Only page post: only text post use for any reason. For any kind of announcement, or any kind of quote. But a post should be relevant and brief that will help the followers to stay and read the full content.

Facebook instant articles.

Facebook Instant Articles

The Instant article was built to solve a particular problem of slow loading time on the mobile web. And by the help of instant article, it loads up to 10 times faster than mobile web articles.
Facebook wants to connect people through stories, videos, photos, etc. by the help of instant article they can publish the stories which load fast all over the world.
By some researches, it proves that instant article gets 20% more click than mobile web articles if someone clicks any instant article they try to finish the article even instant article gets more share than a mobile web article.

How to create a Facebook Marketing Strategy for 2020

Facebook marketing strategy helps your business to get success and increase your ROI by 10x. There have mainly seven-step to Facebook Marketing strategy.

Step1: Set goals: The first step of the Facebook marketing strategy is to set goals for your business. For what kind of need do you want to start Facebook marketing? For getting more traffic for your web site? Or creating awareness for your brand? Once you set the goal for your business then you can set your Facebook marketing strategy accordingly.

Step2: Pinpoint target audience: If you can’t find the proper viewer for your content then it is useless to do Facebook marketing.

So at first, you have to choose and find the right target for your Facebook marketing.

You have to choose the people to whom you want to share your posts, who will be the right person for your product, you just have to know how to find them.

Step3: Set your budget: you have to set a monthly budget for your Facebook marketing strategy. Facebook is a money-motivated platform, if you are investing money behind your Facebook post and ads then Facebook can provide your page or post in front of people otherwise it will not work.

Step4: Plan engaging content: If you have set all kinds of goals, you have a target audience and the proper budget to maintain your Facebook page then now you have to concentrate on your content and posts.

You have to think of how you can engage people with proper relevant content!

Step5: Plan equally engaging ads: With written content, there should be some video content like ads. Generally, people attract videos more than any written format. If you give relevant ads on your Facebook page it will be more effective.

You can promote a new product by ads. Or you can declare about some discount or any new news related to your product through short ads which will attract your consumer’s eyes. 

Step6: Monitor daily: The next step of Facebook marketing is monitoring your account. You have to monitor your account daily and have to look at the customer’s reaction to your content. If there have any negative feedback or complaint then try to give an answer and solve the problem.

It will create a good impact on your business. 

Step7: A/B split test: The main key of a Facebook marketing strategy key the A/B split test.

It is the process to compare the small variation of a strategy to figure out which aspects work the best.

By that process, you can monitor your follower and provide them with extra benefits or offers. It will make your followers to your customers.

How to get Facebook likes and fans: 

Facebook likes and comments

There is some process through which you can increase your fans and Facebook likes. Here we are discussing five processes by which you can increase your Facebook likes and fans.

Facebook ads: Facebook ads can increase your followers and keep engage them on your page. Ads help to attract fans and if the ad content is good enough then it can sparse and that can increase the new consumers of your content and by that, you can get customers also.

Invite people to like your page: you can give an invitation to new people to like your page. It will help you to get new followers and create a chance to get a new customer for your product. 

Create viral content: viral content creates more viewers. Generally, if any content people likes most they try to share with their known people it increases your followers and creates social media engagement.

The viral content can be a funny video or any good writing about your product. 

Attention-grabbing content: Your content should be eye catchy it helps to grab the attention of the user who scrolling down his newsfeed.

If your ads or content have a special look or any creative picture attached with it it’s working to attract people to stay and give attention to the content.

If your content will be good there will be a possibility to get a high share of it and a high share can make increase your follower’s list.

Get tagged by other Facebook pages: Get tagged by any popular Facebook page can increase your follower.

But you have to keep something in mind before being tagged by some other pages.

The page should be popular and have a similar fan base like yours. The page should be regular and be active with fans if any fans are showing interest in your post they can help the fans to reach your original page.

Why you should not buy Facebook likes?

Facebook officially took action against buying Facebook likes. In 2015 Facebook Facebook has recognized and removed all the suspicious accounts or pages, since then they have removed many fake accounts and they took a step against the buying Facebook-like activity.

Rather than buying Facebook like can be harmful to your Facebook page as well as for your business also like the following way:
It can damage the trust of your original followers. You will be no longer connected with your proper followers or consumers.

In that process understanding your followers will be impossible. In this process, there will be so many fact followers and you can’t reach the actual one.

There will be some possibility to decrease your consumer and as well as how much money you are spending on your ads it will be not using full enough.

There will be a chance to any legal step can be taken for your brand or business.

Facebook ads and its types

Facebook advertising

Aside from email marketing, flawless web design, SEO, social media, Facebook ads are important. There are a large number of people on Facebook so if you want to attract them about your product you should do some advertising.

There are generally two types of ads in Facebook video ads and photo ads. Except for these two kinds of ads, there is another option like a slide show, carousel, and dynamic product ads.

The main objective of all kind of ads is to create awareness and promotion. Here are some reasons how Facebook ads will help you to improve your business

Benefits of Facebook ads in Marketing

  • Facebook is one of the popular social networks where a large number of people are present. For that, by promoting any kind of ads on Facebook there is a high chance to attract your customer there. Facebook ads are extremely popular and this popularity has grown day by day.
  • You can create a Facebook ad campaign to collect leads, drive website traffic generate sales, and increase brand recognition.
  • Facebook ads are cheap enough, practically they are free. 
  • Facebook allows you to find a new connection. Once you have found an audience then you can clone them. The feature is called “lookalike audiences” by that you can take a custom audience and Facebook will reach new people who are similar to the old audience.

Tracking and measuring results with Facebook analytics

You can track and measure the result of your Facebook page activity by Facebook analytics.

To do the Facebook analytics at first you need to click insights from your Facebook page and if you can’t find the option directly then click into the more button and find from there.

Here you can see all of your data in a graph you can see all your activity. You can choose the date like seven days or twenty-eight days to see the activity.

Here you can see a graph where have mentioned the following activities:

  1. Actions on page views.
  2. Page previews.
  3. Page like.
  4. Post reach.
  5. Story reach.
  6. Recommendations.
  7. Post engagement.
  8. Responsiveness.
  9. Page followers.
  10. Videos.
  11. Order.

You can see all the detailed information about your page about all the above points mentioned by Facebook page analysis.

You need to track about the following things by the analysis:

  1. How many new people saw your post?
  2. Which post people like most?
  3. Did anyone report spam about any post?
  4. How is your post performing over time?
  5. In which time your viewers are online? Etc.

FB Group and its Benefits

Facebook Business Group -Startup and Entrepreneur – Business Group

Facebook groups are a different way to keep connected with your fans and followers. Apart from the Facebook page group is also important to promote your brand and stay connected with your customers. Most viewers think a business page is for advertisement. They don’t feel free to connect over there. But people feel free to engage themselves in any kind of group and they can give their feedback in that group easily.

Benefits of a Facebook group in Marketing

  • A Facebook group will be much more casual than a Facebook page. People can meet new people over there which will give them more interest to be active in your group.
  • And by all the conversation about your product or service you can note all the negative feedback. You can get an idea of how your consumers are using your product and what they are thinking about it and what to improve or change in your product.
  • If you have any news about your business you can post it in the group also. You can notify all about your changes in business through the group directly. 
  • You can give all the links on your official page to the group. It will help to keep them updated about your official page. 
  • By engaging in a group you can communicate with your customers directly by which you can give suggestions about their complaints and all negative feedback. It will make you more trustable to your customers.

Who employs Facebook marketing?

For attracting a good number of customers every business should be using Facebook. It is as important as having an official website. Even creating a Facebook page or group is much easier than a website. Even a small startup business also can create its business page as well as a big brand it will give you an increase in your Business ROI Upto 10X. Facebook marketing generally used by:

Brands: any kind of brand promote their product or service through Facebook like food, restaurants, home appliances, electronics, etc. by promoting in Facebook they turning their customers to their fans. Generally, by that, they can attract people who follow all kinds of news related to their favorite product. 

Personality: any kind of popular personality like musician, artist, singer, etc. they all can use Facebook to become more popular and keep updated about their new work or events to their fans.

Non-profit organizations:  any kind of non-profit organization like NGO, political group, or public service campaigning and charities they also can create their Facebook pages, or group to promote their service in a big platform and by what there will be changes to get more help for their organization. 

Local business: it does not matter the business is a larger company or a small startup. Everyone can use a Facebook page to promote their product or service. It’s a platform for a local business to give a chance to their business to grow up.

What timing and what kind of customer is more effective for Facebook marketing?

According to some research, we can say that most people who are used Facebook are between 18-35 age range.

They are all working persons or students. So, it is helpful for any brand or a company to post new things in the morning time or after the evening. Most people use Facebook in their free time so, when they are in their work or study they can’t engage themselves on Facebook. So in the morning or after the evening is most of the people’s free hour started and at that time a new post can get more attraction than any time of day.

Use Facebook Insights to learn more about your customers

By Facebook insights, you can understand how and when your followers have engaged themselves to your content. It also helps you to understand how and why each matrix is important to your social media strategy. Here you can see all of your data in a graph you can see all your activity. You can choose the date like seven days or twenty-eight days to see the activity.

FB page insights Vs FB audience insights:

Facebook page insights give detailed information about your Facebook page by that you can track how people are interacting with your content, what to improve, which content needs some improvement etc. 

Facebook audience insight helps you to learn about your audience. By that, you can understand what kind of content you have to create to target your audience.

In the previous point about Facebook analytics, we have mentioned how Facebook insight works.

Tools for Facebook marketing

There are some Facebook analysis tools that help in Facebook marketing. These tools are very useful in making Business ROI 10X:

Hootsuite Analytics: by that tool, you can create and share your customer’s reports for your Facebook page. Even you can download the report in excel, PowerPoint, or pdf in any kind of format and can share it with your team. 

Brandwatch: this tool allows you to track Facebook metrics like reach and likes, as well as it helps to note how many people are talking about your content in the network. 

Digimind: this Facebook tool help you to keep on track your performance against your competitor and as well as understand your audience on Facebook. It also helps in key metrics like conversation rate and cost per lead etc.


There are so many pros and cons of Facebook marketing. If you want to start a new business or want to promote your business through Facebook then learn the concepts of Facebook marketing or hire an agency for your Brand you can also contact us. Facebook is a big platform to promote your business making ROI 10X. But at the time to promote your business you have to keep all the challenges in your mind which you can face in the time of handle the Facebook social media page of your business. effective strategies will help you a lot in this like running ads using a proper campaign, in very low Budget.

frequently asked questions about Facebook marketing.

Q. What Facebook marketing is?
A. Facebook marketing is generally creating and actively using a Facebook page to maintain contact with customers or attract them. Generally, any organization creates business pages or individual profiles to develop a customer circle for a product, service or brand
Q. What is the best suggestion for Facebook marketing?
A. Facebook is the world’s largest social network, so it is a powerful marketing tool. The best part of Facebook marketing is Facebook ads. Aside from email marketing, flawless web design, SEO, social media, Facebook ads are important. There are a large number of people on Facebook so if you want to attract them about your product you should do some advertising. Facebook ads can increase your followers and keep engage them on your page. Ads help to attract fans and if the ad content is good enough then it can sparse and that can increase the new consumers of your content and by that, you can get customers also.
Q. How to learn Facebook marketing?
A. At first, you can gain your knowledge about it from an online platform like google and youtube. If you think it is good for taking it forward then you can search for such courses where you can learn the thing more. You can search the course on any online course platform as well as you can contact us to.
Q. Is Facebook marketing give benefit to new business?
A. For new businesses, anyone needs some platform to promote the new product or service. For that nowadays Facebook is the best platform because Facebook is the world’s largest social network. So if a new business tries to focus on Facebook marketing they can get a huge benefit for their business.
By : Payel Paul