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  • Why personalized marketing is important in any organization?
  • What is personalized marketing?
  • What is the importance of personalized marketing?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of personalized marketing.
  • Why personalized marketing is trending in 2020?
  • Conclusion.
  • FAQ

This blog contains all information about personalized marketing and also tells about the way when one can use customized marketing for making the business more popular. It helps the business to promote themselves to customers.

what is personalized marketing?

  • Personalized marketing is a plan of action by which companies collect data and information about a particular product and deliver it to a set of customers.
  • Individualized marketing also is known as the enactment of actions by which companies deliver personalized content to the recipients by analysis, data collection, and automation technology.

why personalized marketing is important in any organization?

  • Personalized or customized marketing gives access to reach specific audiences that are very important for any organization.
  • If one company can reach its target audience then it is also beneficial for them and customers always want to be understood.
  • Customized marketing strategy is used by many marketers over the decades to give light in the marketing efforts of the company.

what are the key features of personalized marketing?

  • Effectively search the target audience and give access to reach them. Information from various surveys or studies it can create more efficient email campaigns targeting customers based on their interest.
  • In individualized marketing Personalisation also gives access to stand out among various kinds of people by using better information in the content that leaves a place in the mind of the people.
  • There is various way to maintain a good relationship with customers in individualized of marketing. One can maintain a good relationship with the customer by sending gratitude on a birthday or sending a thank you email this helps to build the bonding with the customers.
  • It is always good to take access to the buying habit of the customers, it is a good thing. Amazon and eBay always prefer this way to give the product recommendation to the customer.
  • Individualized marketing is all about connecting with customers, give them suggestions, and better recommendations for the good products based on the history of buying.

Discuss the pros and cons of personalized marketing.

  • Pros
  • Passionate audience – Everyone of us has a choice towards each and everything and we r unique on that in some way. In this way also we need to show a proper title to the audience on which customers have an interest.
  • By improving the leading process – we need to evaluate the choice or interest of the individual  & then need to do sales or marketing or give them recommendations based on that. In this way, personalized marketing can be influenced by the leading process.
  • In personalized marketing, it is important to keep the website fresh because there are so many customers who come and visit the website to search for some new offers or some new things. If customers see the old things time by time then maybe they lose their interest in it.
  • Personalization is the way to deliver the right information to the person at the right time, it gives customers a feeling that they are understood.

  • Cons –
  • Personalized advertising is quite expensive compared to the other advertising process that is not much targeted. There is much confusion about the working procedure and the tools of personalized marketing. Ultimately people are not much adopted on that and also people are worried about privacy concerns.
  • There is much-advanced software on which personalized marketing is based on. This software can track the online behavior or trait of the customers. For this reason, customers feel uneasy about that.
  • Sometimes it goes on the wrong way and gives impersonal information to the customers.
  • It sometimes puts personalization over the choice of consumers and that is sometimes not acceptable by the customers.

Why personalized marketing is trending in 2020?

  •  Due to the customization and advancements of machine learning, artificial intelligence technology is going upward and marketing is also started to being personalized and they can track easily the shopping experiences.
  • Nowadays cameras are also used in Mall of foreign to recognize the facial expression because it says all about age, sex, buying capacity. In this order, the software can track that and show the ads about the thing that they age going to search for. It also helps to attract consumer’s responses.
  • In today’s digital world, Account-based marketing and personalization have become more trending than before. Using advanced technologies like automation and machine learning a small business can run an effective ABM operation and serves a large number of customers.


  • Personalized marketing is only useful when consumers are ready to share their personal information. As consumers are also comfortable with this so they are ready to provide their personal information and their experience.
  • Personify is in the way of becoming a pillar in the digital world. Nowadays real-time con-time content is delivered to the customers which resonates well with them. Marketers also concerned about mass marketing, they send a single message with zero personalization, where customers are controlling content, preference, and channels of their interaction.


Q. Do people want personalized marketing?

Ans- people do personalized marketing because they want to be understood.customers also enjoy a personalized experience like calls for accepting a particular brand.

Q. Where do you begin with personalized marketing?

Ans – As nearly all marketing strategies begin with goals, personalized marketing also has i own strategy.

Q. How does your brand benefit from personalized Marketing?   

Ans – By improving the experience of customers, creating consistency across channels, and increasing brand loyalty personalized marketing can be benefitted.