• Why Automation is needed?
    • When to use Automation?
    • Email Marketing Automation Tools
    • Referral Marketing Software
    • Social Media Automation Tools
    • Sales Automation Tools
  • Analytical Tools
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What is automation?

  • Automation is the innovation/invention of new technologies and it’s different applications for controlling and monitoring purposes.
  • It also delivers the production of various services and goods. Previously these functions used to perform by humans, but nowadays automation Came into the scenario.
  • Automation is used in many different areas like manufacturing, operation management, different information technologies, transports, and other utilities.

Why automation?

Automation is considered to be a very crucial and important part of today’s era. It is considered the main framework of the computer environment. Where are many reasons why we use automation now? Let’s see a few of them!

  • Reduction of operational costs
    • Software for automation is considered to be more important, intelligent, and beneficial for the reduction of cost. It reduces human effort and controls and manages the computer itself with less operational cost.
Benefits of Automation
Benefits of Automation
  • Increasing productivity
    • We know that the demand grows day by day. To fulfill these demands people use computers, As more number of computers are increasing more automation technologies are taking in please it’s getting from an off-line operation to an online one.
  • Ensuring high availability
    • Higher availability is one of the most key factors which is considered in an IT company. Automation/automated operations help a lot. Where comes a situation where a device or a disk drive may crash and there is no back up for that, does automation helps to keep the back up without any loss of the device.
  • Increasing reliability
    • Automation software handles complexity in tasks very intelligently. The functions that are executed in the automation software are very reliable and are easily operated.
  • Optimizing performance
    • For optimizing performance, the hardware should be updated, or the person should purchase a new system. Once the system is overloaded with work, the settings are no longer optimum.

When to use automation?

Automation testing is used when we are not able to work in a single machine, also the testing demands are not accurate and their causes many errors. However, with the help of automation testing the scheduling of Scripts can be done so that execution result comes exact.

Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing

Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing

Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing

What are the automation tools?

  • IT management and monitoring tools automate the working of tasks for IT operations professionals who should shift focus to strategies efforts to match business needs.
  • The monitoring platform translates data into information. This work is done by automation tools.
  • The application and supporting infrastructure generates operational data that we send to monitor tools.

Let’s see some automation tools-

  1. Email marketing automation tools
    • The most effective channel for marketing in today’s date is email marketing.
    • The smartest companies will use such campaigns that trigger off user’s actions.

Let’s see a few email marketing automation tools-

Referral /Affiliate marketing software

The process of the method of promoting services or products to customers through different types of referrals is known as referral marketing or affiliate marketing.
The referrals can be promoted from mouth to mouth, person to person, or usually word to word in businesses.

The top 10 referral marketing software tools are—

  1. Advocates
  2. Friendbuy
  3. InviteBox
  4. Genius Referrals.
  5. Ambassador
  6. Referral rock
  7. Mention me
  8. Hello reference
  9. Amplifinity
  10. Invite Referrals

SM Automation Tools

In today’s world, all entrepreneurs hope the lead generation of leaders, fostering business-client relationships, and also an increase in the number of sales. These all can be done with the help of social media marketing in a very wide range.

  • Social media is one of the responsive and attractive platforms to promote all branding packaging and sales designs. It also involves various marketing strategies.
  • Social media automation helps to free up a lot of time which is of great benefit.

By making into using social media Automation we can-

  • Engage the audience
  • Curate engaging content
  • Brand messaging

The top seven social media Automation tools are—

  1. AgoraPulse
  2. Social Oomph
  4. Zapper
  5. Buffer
  6. PostPlanner
  7. IFTT


The chatbot is nothing but a software application, that enables us to conduct live chat conversation.
Many tools are designed for the easier interaction between the bots and computers and humans that hits the market. Chatbots are also known as virtual assistance.
A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that can simulate a chat with natural languages using applications, websites, different mobile apps, or telephones.

For example-
Amazon’s Alexa
Alexa is an artificial intelligence robot, which interacts with many different languages. It is connected employing automation technology, thus enables to perform different tasks as said.

There are two different scenes on which a chatbot works—

  • User request analysis
  • Returning the response
    User request analysis is said to be the first task that is performed by a chatbot. It analyzes the request of the users and identifies the intent.
    In the second case, various responses come from the chatbot. They can be-
  • A pre-defined text
  • A disambiguating question
  • Data stored in the system
  • A text retrieved questions with different answers.
  • Top three important business chatbots-
  • Support chatbots
  • Skills CHATBOTs
  • Assistant Chatbots

Sales automation tools

Sales teams normally face numerous challenges while working, generating different leads, and then converting this leads to sales. With the help of sales automation tools, all the tasks that are performed by humans can be further executed with different automation software.

As a result, the work done is more accurate and less time consumed.

Functions done by automation tools-

  • Editing and creation of documents
  • Follow up
  • Call analysis
  • Create proposals
  • Ease of reporting

Top 10 automation tools for sales are-

  1. Win over
  2. Leadiro
  3. LeadFuze
  4. LeadsFinder
  5. PredictsLeads
  6. LeadGibbon
  7. ContactOut
  8. chili Piper
  9. Sales Navigator

Analytics tools

Business analytics tools are nothing but application software that takes data from one or more business systems and combines them which is to be reviewed and analyzed in the form of a data warehouse.
Analytics tools not only display aggregate data but also explains and identify the weakness and the potential problem areas of that particular data.
This gives us a better understanding of data and also helps to achieve business goals confidentially. It also increases all over customer satisfaction.

Top business analytics tools are—

  • SAP business intelligence
  • MicroStrategy
  • Yellowfin BI
  • QlikSense
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Sisense
  • Looker
  • Clear Analytics

Functions performed-

  1. Text analysis
  2. Quantitative analysis
  3. Qualitative analysis
  4. Statistical Analysis
  5. Diagnostic analysis6. Drill into the analytics
  6. Identify Anomalies
  7. Deter mine casual relationships
  8. Fraud detection
  9. Optimizing marketing campaigns

CRM (customer relationship management)

CRM is the technology that controls all organization’s interactions and relationships with customers.
It stands for everyone, starting from the sales to the customer service to business development to recruiting and marketing or any other form of business. It gives a better way to perform all activities.
CRM automation tools-

  1. Sales flare
  2. SAP
  3. Zoho
  5. Sugar CRM
  6. Microsoft dynamics 365


  • Customer Data Management
  • Sales acceleration and enablement
    • Quotes creation
    • Order processing
    • Sending emails
    • Sales forecasting
    • Evaluating employee performance
  • Marketing automation
    • Email Marketing
    • Web forms
    • Lead management
    • Scoring and qualification
  • Customer service and support
    • Knowledge bases
    • Ticket system
    • Life chat support
    • Customer service portals

frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. What is Automation?

Answer: An action using tools and software that reduces human efforts.

Q. What is automation testing?

Answer: Automation testing is the process of executing data and delivering results using analytical tools.

Q. What are the things that can be automated?

Regression test suite
Smoke / Sanity test suite
Build deployment
Test data creation
Automating behind the GUI like testing of APIs and methods.

How do you decide which tool to use?

Answer: Automation testing is useful in the following scenarios:
a) Regression testing
b) Non-functional Testing
c) Complex calculation

How do you decide which tool to use?

Answer: It can’t be said just like that, which tool to use. It requires a lot of brainstorming ideas and decisions and also depends upon which platform we will use.

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