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List of Chinese apps Indian govt. Has banned.
Why govt. took the decision to banned the apps
Will the ban be permanent?
Impact among Indian People and economy
Impact on Chines economy
Why the Indian Government banned this 59 apps only?
How will be the ban enforced?

List of the Apps government has banned:

On 29th June 2020, The Ministry of Information Technology invoked his power under section 69A of the information technology act and decided to block 59 Chines Apps.
Many popular apps like TikTok, cam-scanner is included in the list.

Why did the government decide to ban the apps?

“power to issue directions for blocking public access of any information through any computer resource” is section 69A under which section the ban of 59apps has come.

There was some complaint received by the Ministry of Information technology that these apps are stilling and stealthily transferring user’s data. The data has stolen in an unauthorized manner to that kind of server which is located outside India.

Will the ban be permanent?

banned chinese app by indian govt.

Many people can ask the question will the ban be permanent?
Because we know that TikTok was banned in India for a few days last year. But it came soon after the court vacated the ban.

So many of you can ask the question this time also going to be the same?
Well, we can’t declare any kind of answer like yes or no but we can highlight a few points which can prove that this time it will go a little longer.

  • This time it is more sweeping.
  • impact on more apps.
  • It has been taken in a specific strategic and national security context.
  • It can be a warning to a bigger Chinese business.

Impact among Indian People and economy:

Some app which has included in the list is very popular among Indian people. Like TikTok, which has over 100 million users.

Some new social media app like Helo and likee has banned. Like video chat app Bigo Live also banned which was popular among those Indians who are not comfortable in English. All people need to search for a new substitute.

Most of this platform has Indian creators whose resources of income will be lost.

Many of these apps have an Indian office and employee as well. This all people will go to lose their job.

According to industry research, India has 400 million smartphones and it is the world’s fastest app market. So deleting all these 59 apps will effect and make a great impact on the global valuation of this.

China invests approx $8 billion over the five years in the Indian tech startup. India has been the largest recipient of Chines investment. Which can be effect by the decision.

Chinese digital and mobile technology run deep into the Indian economy which can be affected by the decision of banning the 59 apps.

The investment of Chinese companies made in telecom space may not go for long.

Impact on Chinese economy

TikTok and other Chines video apps earn approx 25 crores from India in October-December 2019. They had targeted 100cores by September from Indian. This app banned going to impact its economy hugely.

If all the organization will delete all the mentioned apps all of them eventually need to go to the IPO(Initial Public Offering) route where will an economic impact.

The ban on the 59 apps in India will make a negative impact on the valuation of the apps.

The upcoming IPO of TikTok was 30% from Indian users this will impact TikTok valuation negatively.

Why the Indian government banned these 59 apps only?

Indian Ministry of technology received complaints about safety and privacy only for these 59 apps. It is about the safety of 130 crores Indian.

All apps were related to security and privacy issues. The government either can block access to the app or can suggest people not using the app. But many citizens don’t want to take that kind of issue seriously. So the government decided to block the access.

These 59 apps were related to national security and Indian Intelligence need to give priority to national security.

How will be the ban enforced?

The internet service provider will be instructed to block these apps. Soon the user will receive a message that will be declared that they can’t use the apps for restriction of government. It will impact the apps which need the internet to connect to use like TikTok, UC browser, etc.

But an app like cam-scanner which doesn’t need internet that can be used without internet connection but further they can’t get any update for download.


An earlier month there has a deadly border clash between China and India. In that moves, they have followed the boycott on Chines Product. After some days of that incident, the Indian government banned 59 Chines apps in the complaint of the personal and national security of Indian people. The list of 59 apps included many popular apps like TikTok, UC Browser, Cam Scanner which is popular among many Indians also.
Now it is time to see how much it can affect the Indian economy and among Indian people.

Here are some common questions asked by people about the ban of 59 apps.

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