“She first set up his shop at the local market on her own; she sat there in the market, interacted with the customers, and came up home with Rs 2,000 which was her first ‘self’ earnings.”

Harbhajan Kaur and her daughter, Raveena Suri, talking about life. During the conversation, Raveena asked her mother if she had any regrets in life, to which her mother replied, “I had a fulfilling life, but my only regret is that I never earned any money on my own. I wish I had.”

The conversation ended there for them, but for Raveena Suri, it was the beginning of something exciting. In an attempt to erase this regret of her mother, Raveena gently stirred her into starting a venture–making yummy snacks and sweets and that everyone in their family members had eaten since childhood.

This how, 4 years back, Harbhajan’s came into the field of entrepreneurship, a 94-year old lady Harbhajan Kaur.

 Specializing in making besan barfi and various kinds of pickles this Chandigarh based venture, has grown from her strength.

Raveena recalls, “All our lives, we have had food at home, including sweets, snacks, and homemade sorbet. my mom has always been such an amazing cook but she always contents in remaining behind the scenes.”

she always gets a lot of appreciation for her food which she prepares, she never got any formal recognition for that. “Like many mothers in India, she continued to work for all of us, tirelessly,” says her daughter Raveena Suri.

Speaking about the first time Raveena shares how his mother Harbhajan sold besan barfi, “She first set up a shop at a local market on her own, She sat in the shop, interacted with the customers over there, and came home with Rs 2,000 which was her first earnings in life.”

Raveena tells how this was an achievement for her shy homemaker mother who rarely goes out of her home and family.

A high from earning Rs 2,000 1st time.

Harbhajan Kaur making the barfi
Harbhajan Kaur making the barfi

Harbhajan was feeling proud when she returned home that day, having Rs 2,000 on his hand that day. “That earning not only brought happiness but also the self-confidence, courage to take this venture forward and make something of it.”

Since their, Harbhajan made barfis, chutneys, and varieties of pickles, taking her products to the market every ten days. Despite her age, she continues to work and enjoys it.

very Soon, she started getting huge orders. Her Daughter Raveena has been the strongest supporter behind her mother, Harbhajan’s granddaughter helped with all the branding, marketing, and packaging. with the tagline–Bachpan Yaad aajayegi.

Her  granddaughter’s wish

Raveena Suri and his mother Harbhajan Kaur
Raveena Suri and his mother Harbhajan Kaur

another heart touching tale, Raveena says, “a few months ago, my daughter got married and she wanted the wedding invitations to be sent out with sweets that her Nani (Harbhajan Kaur) made. She doesn’t want to purchase any sweets from the market and preferred that they all be handmade by her Nani. It was a lovely feeling for everyone to get homemade sweets” Remarkably, Harbhajan Kaur made nearly 200 kg of barfi for her granddaughter’s wedding ceremony.

When we asked Raveena about the growth of the brand, Raveena says, “More than the monetary aspect, the fact that my mom is now so much confident what I see as growth. The  lady who wouldn’t sit in a group of people because she was shy, now she is giving interviews and speaking to her clients about the feedback of the product, etc., which in turn, has transformed my mother’s life.”

‘Besan Ki Barfi Branding and Packaging
All Set! Branding and Packaging of the product.

Over the journey of the last four years, Harbhajan Kaur had made over 500 kg of besan barfi, where the price of one-kilogram of barfi is Rs 850. Currently, the start-up is run by the family members and they are planning to employ a few people soon.